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Escape Fruit Kitchens


Escape from a lovely kitchen!The popular FUNKYLAND game of escaping to the patio by collecting fruit is now available as an App!It has the same charming and healing atmosphere as "Candy Rooms", the sister game.Solve the mysteries in the fruit-themed kitchen to escape.How to Play:- Just tap- Tap the [+] button in the upper right hand corner to display the settings screen.
Game Features:- Beautiful graphics!- Easy and fun, even for those not keen on escape games!- Perfect game length to kill time!- You can enjoy each charming fruit-themed kitchen!- Enjoy teatime on a gorgeous patio after escaping!
The Save Function:Cleared rooms will be saved in the list so you can play them anytime.In the case that cleared rooms have not been saved in the list, please check your device settings as there may not be enough storage space.
The list of kitchens:No.01 Strawberry RedNo.02 Green appleNo.03 Navel OrangeNo.04 Lemon YellowNo.05 Peach PinkNo.06 Blueberry VioletNo.07 Apple mangoNo.08 Kiwi GreenNo.09 Grapefruit YellowNo.10 Grape PurpleNo.11 Pineapple YellowNo.12 Cacao BrownNo.13 Cherry PinkNo.14 Muscat GreenNo.15 Apricot OrangeNo.16 Banana YellowNo.17 Prune VioletNo.18 Pomegranate RedNo.19 Lime GreenNo.20 Chinese quince YellowNo.21 Chocolate vine VioletNo.22 Raspberry RedNo.23 Watermelon GreenNo.24 Papaya YellowNo.25 Melon GreenNo.26 Fig PurpleNo.27 Apple Red